Thursday, February 11, 2016

Welcome to 2016

Welcome back to my blog! Bloggers I am back in Rimu this year, it will be a great year. I am a year six. My hobbies are  sports, dance and many other hobbies. I like to go out and ride my bike to stay fit, and also running  because I like to practice. My teacher is Mrs Love  she is a great teacher because I have had her as my teacher last year and the following year after. 

(My Holiday)
In the holidays I went to my Nan's house in Mahia.  I went with my uncle, also my sister and brother. It was a two hour drive from where we started. I like how I spent a lot of time at the beach I went surfing. We spent three days at my Nan's house. On Christmas day I went to my cousins house and saw a lot of my family. My niece  Paige was funny. We took some  photos together. 

Thank you for reading.

By Keighan 
Me and Paige

Paige taking a photo