Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Favorite Book task

Hi my name is Keighan,
I am going to be talking about My favorite book task. This book is called Too Many Secrets. This is one of my favorite books to read. I am very proud of my writing because I put my very best into this writing. I am sharing this with you because  it is a very good book to read and I put my hardest into this writing. The author of the book is Adele Broadbent. 
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Weet-bix triathlon

Hi blog readers,

It is Keighan here and I am going to be talking about my Weet-bix triathlon that happened Thursday the 18 of February. I saw a lot of people that I have not seen in a long time. This year was my first year of doing the Weet-Bix triathlon. I am proud of what I have achieved. My favorite thing about the Weet-Bix triathlon was that all the things I had won that day and doing the triathlon with Liske. The Weet-bix triathlon was not about winning it was about giving it a try. My number for the triathlon was 125528. When I got my T-shirt, it also came with a tog bag with a list on the back. It had a form that told me where to go. I am sharing this with you because I tried hard to get to the finish. At the end of the race we got given a medal  and also a cup of water. We had to take a photo with your medal. At the end of all of it I was puffed.  

Here is a photo at the end of the Weet-Bix triathlon