Friday, May 27, 2016

Japan 39;s New train

Hi guys, 

I am blogging about one of my personal best reading tasks. As you can see my reading task is about Invisible train. It travels at high speed. Inside, it will not feel like you are traveling at high speed.

I am very proud of my learning on this task. Now I know there really is An invisible train in the world.
I am shearing this to you because I did this to my personal best.

Japan's New Train Will Be "Invisible"

Read the article and watch the video.

WALT summaries information

Answer these questions:

What is Japan well-known for stat of the art high speed railway system

How does the Magnetic Levitation train get its name because it hovers 10cm off the tracks

What record did it break 375 mph
What is different about the new train being built colour size speed

Why does Seibu Railway wish to build it? 100th anniversary

Who is the architect responsible for the design? Designing a stationary building
Why was the train's route perfect for this design? Because It turned out good

What will the interior of the train be like? Awesome

Critical Thinking Challenge

Do you think high-speed railways could replace domestic air travel in the future? Why or why not? No because  you will to use a lot of money to pay of it with that money we should just give some money to cancer kids.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


This is my Maths task I am sharing this to you because I am very proud of it 
I am proud of this because I finished it on time.

This is my maths task we had to estimate and measurement  the correct length or height I learn what was estimate in the maths taskIMG_0355.JPGk.

My estimate for my height is 4.3 you can’t really see the dot.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Free Choice Description

Hi guys,

I am blogging about my free choice writing because it is very interesting and I am proud of it.  I am sharing this to you because I love writing it is one of my favorite subject. 

Purpose: to describe
WALT: create content with clear and interesting details
Success Criteria:
  • Quick plan to prepare for the writing task (brainstorm words or ideas)
  • Interesting beginning and ending
  • Using the senses (see, touch, taste, hear, smell)
  • Stays on the topic (of describing for the reader)
  • Uses the present tense


As I turn around slowly I see this mysterious shack with a foggy waterfall. The moss is covered around the rocks. The trees behind the shack are like a big long stick going up to the sky. The shack looks like it is going to collapse to the ground. I feel like I am in my own place here. This green place is amazing; it looks like a never ending forest. I hear the water clustering over the rocks. I see this amazing sight I have ever seen before. I am going to keep this place to myself.