Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Van Gogh Maths

This is my maths that I have done.
WALT display and interpret data

I did this because it  was a tricky task to do and I did it with a buddy.
I am proud of this because It was challenging and  took a long time get done.
Miro to buddy up with a Van Gogh student.

These numbers show how many minutes it took each student to run the school cross-country.

53   50   52   38   30

37   36   55   35   40

41   52   36   37   49

50   57   37   59   36


Of the students that ran the cross-country, what was
i)  the fastest time? 30 minutes
ii)  the slowest time? 59 minutes
iii) the average time? 41 minutes

All             Most              Some           None


Choose one word from the box above to complete each sentence about the cross-country.

i)   None of the students took more than an hour to run the race.
ii)  Most of the students took between 35 and 55 minutes to run the race.
iii) Some of the students took less than 40 minutes to run the race.

c) Create a stem and leaf graph to display the data.

d) Work out the mean, median and mode for the data. Ask if you are both not sure what this is.

Median- 40.5
Mode- 36,37 (most)
Mean- 44
20x 44=880

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Art

      I did this because I liked it  and it really looked like the  photo that I was doing but with a little change. 
I am proud of this of this because I did a good job on it.
This relates to  me because  I am really good at netball I did a fire ball because I pass the ball fast.
 This is my finished  art     


This is my video I did of my art 
Watch my video 


This was the art that I was I am doing.