Friday, April 24, 2015

My Menu

This week I have been doing a menu for writing. I had to write  a menu for my family.

’’Welcome my name is chef Keighan this is my menu this will blow your mind get ready I am the best cook in the world. ‘’I will be serving you today”

(Ontray) Pizza with muscles on top it is so yum that your head will pop of in a second is it Yum you tell me. pizza with pineapple on to or mushroom pizza yuuum it it so good.

(main) I will   serve you  with a salty tray on the tray there  will be a nice juicy muscles, kina and paua so salty, can you believe that?
Roast broke with baby carrots potato and green beans.


(Dinner) A stuffed chicken filled with potato kumara beans and grated carrots it will be roasted chicken  hum hum in my  tumtum. Tasty dishes crunchies stuffed chicken.
A stack that is marinated  baby carrot on the side with sauce on the side .

(Desert) There will be a juicy blueberry pie “mm hum,,. chocolate fudge with strawberry on the side. Anzac biscuits 5 on each plate.

(drinks) Fizzy it will be coke wine and coffee  L&P and beer.

Thanks  for reading my menu this is by

chef Keighan