Friday, July 31, 2015

Jamie Curry

Jamie Curry Reading Task
I am proud of this because I have done a lot of reading on it.
choose this  because  it was something I did with a teacher and a buddy.

Task 1
Read through the two articles we have read so far. Make sure you have highlighted any key points of new learning.
Finish writing your notes onto the Report Organizer
Take a picture of your report organizer and paste it below.


Task 2- Click on the star and write a fact about Jamie Curry inside.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Holiday post

On Thursday I went to the snow it started at 10.00 and ended at 2.00. Me and my sister went with my mum my sister Bailee could not stop jumping. We parked our car at my nana's  work it  is called  furniture zone.
Me and Bailee had a snow fight cause I would win. When I was there I saw my aunt.

I am proud of my holiday post because it was something I did with my family.
I'm blogging this because It was fun.

By Keighan

Friday, July 3, 2015


Hi I have done my Matariki because i am proud of it I worked hard on it and it was fun to talk about Matariki.
I am proud of this because I put my best effort into this.
By Keighan
We are learning about Matariki
Task One: Workshop Reflection
Choose your favorite workshop. Write a reflection about what you did in your workshop.
Success Criteria:
  • explains what the workshop was all about
  • shows why and how you enjoyed it (personal voice)
  • shares what you learnt
  • includes a photo of the activity (hopefully with you in it)
  • has that something extra special (e.g. instructions on how you could do the activity too)

Task Two: What is Matariki?
Create a presentation all about Matariki. You can do this with a buddy (learning one, not a friend buddy) or by yourself. It could be a slide, poster, diorama, video, animation, mind map, Show Me (or any other app)...
Explore my Pinterest Matariki board first and look through the links. Take notes in your Inquiry book.
Success Criteria:
  • in your own words
  • summarises main ideas about Matariki
  • clear and easy to understand
  • has the creative “x factor”

Matariki Pins.JPG

Task one

Task two