Friday, October 21, 2016


Hey guys,
For today I will be showing my maths working out skills. This is when Mr M gives us a problem to work out in  our books. At the end he goes over it with the group. We are working on how to actually solve the problem- what process or strategy to use. I am proud of this of this because I enjoy doing maths even if it is not one of my favorite topics. I am sharing this with you because I am proud of it.

Here is a photo of my working out.


  1. Nice job Keighan,My favrite strategey to use is EA or a Table.
    Kia Ora!

  2. WOW Keighan,
    It looks like you have been
    doing well in your math
    keep up the good work Keighan

  3. Nice Keighan sounds like challenging maths.
    it looks great I like the post. kai pai Keighan!!!!

  4. Wow keighan you have done some great maths
    I like the post about it too.