Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Zendaya Writing

Hi Guys,

This is my writing of Zendaya I had to do her because it was for our Literacy. I am very proud of my writing. It took some time to get it perfect put I still think I could do better. Also I have done a video so after you read this, you can scroll and then you will be able to see my video.

Here is my feed back from Mr Moriarty.

Well-structured letter. Just read through for spelling and punctuation.
Well done
Great use of a quote :)
Put a punctuation here.
Good introduction, Keighan.

  Dear Zendaya

My name is Keighan and I am  just turning 11. I live in Hastings New Zealand. You are really awesome and fun to watch, I am your biggest fan.

I have been your biggest fan since Shake it up I still love watching your programs especially K.c undercover. The first program I saw you in is  Shake it up. I am a big fan of you and Disney channel
you are such an awesome actress to me an other  people. I love you as an actress, you are beautiful in different ways.
Your amazing dancing inspired me to do dance club it makes me happy and also it is fun to do. It always encourages me to be myself I enjoy watching you dance on shake it up. Your amazing acting skills are awesome, you fit all  the parts really well.

I really connected when you starred in Zapped. I liked how it when  people underestimate you, you stood up and that’s what I like about you. I think that you are awesome to watch and zapped was an emotional movie. I have a lot of respect for you as you are  someone I look up to. What you did as a actress in  your performances on Zapped was amazing, especially the ardey amaze it was so extreme. It allowed me to think big. The characters you play are  amazing I love your films. It’s like you are a different person in each film. You're dancing is truly out there and fun. I love your quote ‘’ Believe in yourself’’.  

I would really appreciate if you send an email or autograph, to me if you don’t have time I will understand you will probably be so busy with your schedule if you get time I will be glad if you read it. Thank you for your amazing acting. Thank you for reading my letter  please send an email or a order graph I will leave my Info down below. Best luck in the future.

Sincerely, Keighan

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