Tuesday, August 9, 2016

July Holidays

Hi guys,
 I have just got back from my amazing holiday. I went to a lot of places and I am going to tell you all about. I might put some pictures for you to look at.

My favorite part of my holidays is going to Elsthorpe to see all my family. I saw aunts, uncles and cousins. I spent the night at Saph's (My cousins) house. The next morning we went to my aunty Horoure's house to have breakfast. We had lamb tails. If you did not want to have lamb tails, you could have bacon and scrambled eggs. I shared a lamb tail with my sister, then ate some scrambled eggs and bacon (mmm).

I got a brand new scooter for my birthday. I have a blue and gold scooter from Hustle.
Also  in the holidays  I went to the skate park to ride on it. Bailee my sister is getting a new scooter from Hustle as well. I enjoyed going to the stake park. I learnt how to do a lot of things and I saw Mrs Love and Jono there too.

I had done things that were awesome in the holidays and meet some new family members that I did not know about. I had a awesome time in the holiday and I hope you guys did. Thanks for reading my  blog post scroll down to see more of my posts.

I am going to give a congrats for my cousin Sarah Goss, she is going to the Olympics for women's rugby sevens team as there captain.
Here is a photo of her.

 Sarah Goss

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